Splendid Summer
Photograph taken on September 1, 1995 at Bossou

Splendid Summer

Prof. Matsuzawa (right)with Gen Yamakoshi (left) and Tatyana Humle (center). At the time, Tatyana was an undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. It was Tatyana's first field research on wild chimpanzees. Before 1995, we always conducted our survey of the Bossou chimpanzees in winter. In 1995, we conducted our first survey in summer. We made several new findings. For example, another tool using behavior, later defined as algae scooping, was observed for the very first time.

はじめて夏にギニア・ボッソウの野生チンパンジー調査をした1995年、 山越言さん、この年初めてボッソウを訪れたタチアナ・ハムルさん(当時エディンバラ大学の三回生)と。

Photo taken on August 1995

Algae Scooping

Chimpanzees using sticks to scoop floating algae from the pond surface. After scooping, the stick is brought up to the mouth and the algae eaten.

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1995年夏、新しい種類の道具使用行動、水藻すくいがボッソウのチンパンジーで観察されました。 こちらのページで、水藻すくい行動の動画がご覧いただけます。

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